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About Arkeos

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a b o u t A r k e o s

Arkeos brand
was born to Florence

Arkeos by Vittorio Grifoni brand was born to Florence, it is now a brand owned by Bernardinello srl. Studied and conceived for the creation of contemporary environments Arkeos gives addes value to our concept of beauty. The Arkeos program today takes place on five fondamental concepts that corrisponde to as many aesthetic lines: Kronos, Eos, Oikos Kalos and the new Dunamis Collecion. Each lines belongs to a precise stylistic element that characterises the environment with safety and without uncertainties, moreover each line is declined in the respective living and night areas.

From the design
to the creation of forniture

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the wood industry, the company Bernardinello srl has opened its eyes to the needs of an evolving market, for this reason the classic lines have been joined by new collections with a more modern and contemporary taste. The care and the passion which distinguishes us is the same as ever and the craftsmanship skills of our cabinet makers are supported by the latest machinery. This allows us to respond to every request with great precision and speed: every phase of production is performed within our factory and is subjected to accurate quality controls.